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Anna Jeanne Price

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"Old-Fashioned" Gospel Music Night

Derek, Anna Jeanne & Katie Jackson
First Family Church - 1989
Born to wonderful ministerial parents.... who loved God with all their hearts and gave of themselves to each life they crossed, Anna Jeanne Price became much more than "just another preacher's kid"....  but an anointed vessel of the Most High God.  

"Daddy Jack" and "Mimi" founded "Life Tabernacle", a glorious church in Shreveport, Louisiana.  For over forty years, it served as a church, a campground, a Bible school, and an evangelistic center ordained by God and built each step of the way by FAITH in God's Word and His Will!    

As a child, Anna Jeanne longed to play the piano..... but the family had very little money. However, God supernaturally provided through the carpentry of Daddy Jack's hands.... and she received piano lessons from the mother of Van Cliburn.  Yes, she would "baby-sit" little Van while his mother taught others how to play.  Then she herself became the "student"! 

Her father, "Daddy Jack" Moore, birthed "The Voice of Healing" and later, along with Rev. Gordon Lindsay, helped to birth a world-wide ministry still known today as "CHRIST FOR THE NATIONS INTERNATIONAL." 

Anna Jeanne and Sister Freda Lindsay are still the best of friends... and both are "blowing and going" for Jesus every day of their lives! 

Anna Jeanne married a very handsome, talented, anointed man of God.... DON PRICE. Their missionary travels took them many places, primarily Thailand, where Don later became ill with cancer, was brought back to the United States and soon went to be with Jesus, leaving Anna Jeanne to raise the five little ones alone.  And that she did... in love and the fear and admonition of the Lord. 

I have been privileged to know this wonderful family for over thirty years... but as I said earlier, this "Biography" will be filled in with FACTS from those wonderful children (4 girls and 1 boy)! WOW!  What a group! 

In my humble efforts to "tell her story"..... I have called on the true "historians" of her life....  her five precious children.  They will be sharing many more "memories" as we go along.

However..... I'm just "seizing the moment" to say how much I love and appreciate YOU, this precious vessel of God - ANNA JEANNE PRICE!  What an honor to call you "FRIEND!" We have laughed and cried together through these many years.... and I can't wait to spend eternity hearing YOU play the PIANO!   (Maybe I could still play bass for you once in a while.... is that okay with you, Don? ha!) 

Please visit the website often... it will be updated often as the days go by.

I love you, "A.J."....  "Katie-Baby" Jackson